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  Laser Facials for Wrinkles and Acne

This treatment utilizes Candela SmoothBeam™ technology which is FDA approved for wrinkle reduction. The unique wavelength of the SmoothBeam™ laser is absorbed by water, localizing heat to collagen in the upper dermis, causing mild thermal injury to the collagen. The body's natural healing response is to deposit new collagen to the area, which results in the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. ** Call for a free consultation  
  Micro Dermabrasion

This treatment gently yet effectively removes old or damaged cells with a controlled delivery stream of minute disposable cystals with minimal discomfort and healing time. Also try our diamond peel, a stainless steel tip attachment with diamond chips fora deeper peel. Visibly improves the health, vitality and clarity of skin by stimulating cell reproduction. To achieve the best results, a weekly service is recommended. Packages available.
  Classic Deep Pore Facial

This facial treatment is vital for all skin types. After massaging and steaming to soften and hydrate your skin, a gentle extraction is done to remove impurities, followed by a calming mask, toner and moisturizer to condition the skin - $85  
  Anti-Acne Facial
with Enzyme Peel

This facial neutralizes unfriendly bacteria and is best for combination, oily or acneic skin. Natural fruit enzymes are used to digest all superficial impurities, sebum, dead skin cells and clogging including black heads - $90. With Seaweed & Sulfur mask - $95. With Acne Mask w/Teatree - $95.


Aromatherapy is based on the healing powers and energies of essential oils found in certain leaves, flowers, roots and herbs. These oils easily penetrate into deep layers of the skin and affect not just the surface of the skin but the whole person. They nourish, tighten, cleanse, detoxify, increase blood circulation and support the skin's nautural functions - $95.  
  Facial with Glycolic Peel

The Glycolic Acid Peel together with the Classic Deep Pore Facial will help diminish visible signs of aging, smooth your complexion and balance skin tone. It also aids in the relief of acneic skin and softens dry skin, leaving you with an overall healthy, youthful glow - $95. Glycolic Peel Only - $45.

  Deep Hydration Treatment for Dry or Sensitive Skin

Contains amino acids naturally found in the epidermins to restore moisture along with azulene & camomile for sensitive skin - $95  
  Soothing Green Tea Facial

Great for sensitive skin - A powerful antioxidant to heal and desensitize - $85  
  Diamond Facial Try our new exfoliating treatment to achieve the look of polished perfection using diamonds. Best for aging or dry skin, not for sensitive - $95  
  Seaweed Facial

This enriched seaweed mask is an effective treatment for softening and hydrating all skin types. It also reparis damaged skin cells, leaving your skin revitalized and refreshed - $100.

  Repechage Four Layer Facial

The ultimate luxury! This innovative thermo-mineral complex mask is designed to combat signs of aging while it rehydrates and remineralizes your skin. Due to the richness in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements found in seaweed, this treatment will improve both skin tone and texture - $115.  

Anti Aging Facials
Oxygen "C" Ester Treatment

This facial nourishes the skin with viamins A,B,C & E. This complex of vitamins allows for deep moisturization and increased skin elasticity. Normalizes dry, parched skin. Helps in tissue repair and stimulates collagen synthesis for firm healthy skin - $100.  
  Peptide Firming Treatment This facial smoothes away surface wrinkles and frown lines by stimulating collagen production, so skin rebuilds and repairs itself from within. - $105  
Age Defying Eye Treatment

This breakthough contouring patch will revitalize the fragile skin around your eyes using vitamins C and B, wheat germ, mallow, ginseng and chamomile. Add to any facial for $25.  
  Catherine Rigney Home Hair by Kayla Facial Treatments Dermabrasion Other Services